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Promotion Campaign Free Privileges

Asset Insurance

Saengthong Broker Company Limited

Saengthong Broker Company Limited


Special Campaign Promotion

Use Premium Reduce costs and receive special benefits from Saengthong Broker Co., Ltd. Just let Saengthong Broker Co., Ltd. be a custodian and advisor in insurance products for properties, buildings, factories, and motorcycles (which are leading insurance companies that are partners with Saengthong Broker as insurers)

  1. Free! Annual factory fee for the duration of the insured contract
  2. Free! Coordinating services for permission to expand the factory or carry out various matters related to the industry
  3. Free! Service for requesting industrial product standards (TIS)
  4. Free! Register the ownership of machinery
  5. Free! Safety inspection of buildings, electricity, boilers or boilers with report
  6. Free! Create a landing page or a website for a business. to increase the channel to reach the customer source

With many special benefits under the terms and conditions of the contract. You can contact for a free consultation about services from Saengthong Broker at

084-103-3339 (Mrs. Jongjit)

095-947-6362 (Mr. Wachirawit)

12 leading partner insurance companies

  1. AXA Insurance Public Company Limited
  2. Viriyah Insurance Public Company Limited
  3. Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited
  4. Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited
  5. Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited
  6. Jmart Insurance Public Company Limited
  7. Tokyo Marine Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
  8. LMG Insurance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  9. Genie Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
  10. Thai Paiboon Insurance Public Company Limited
  11. Thaisri Insurance Public Company Limited
  12. chubb
  13. allianz

Saengthong Broker Company Limited

Juristic Person Insurance Broker

Hot line 0841033339 ประกันภัยรถโดยสาร บจก.แสงทองโบรคเกอร์ รับประกันโดนบริษัทประกันภัยชั้นนำ
095-947-6362 (Mr. Wachirawit)

You can download the survey here

Saengthong Broker Survey

Promotion of a special campaign for property risk insurance. Property Insurance (IAR) for Entrepreneurs

Privilege for everyone who wants engineering experts to take care of the permission to expand the factory, request for industrial product standards or TIS, facilitate the registration of machine ownership, want to create a website or website. The application is ready to have someone to take care of, check and help take care of the system in the building, take care of electrical safety. boiler or boiler

“Use the insurance Reduce costs and receive special benefits”

Just let Saengthong Broker Co., Ltd. be a supervisor and consultant in property insurance products. factory insurance car insurance Other insurance (with leading insurance companies as insurers) make a contract and read the specified conditions and you will receive special privileges from this expert service

1. FreeAnnual fee for the duration of the insurance

2. Permission to expand the factory Free

3. Request for Industrial Standards (TIS) Free

4. Register the ownership of the machine Free

5. Safety check, electricity, boiler Free

6. Landing page service or website design for your business. to increase the channel to reach the customer sourceFree

And there are many benefits. Contact to receive services from us, can notify the insurance coverage and receive the policy right away. The conditions are as specified

Contact the property insurance scheme. Ask and ask for a free consultation


Contact for coordination

Direct contact for consultation and coordination

095-947-6362 (Mr. Wachirawit)

For the basic details used to determine the privileges are as follows

1. Rorngor 4 No. 1 3 9

2. Original insurance policy (The higher the premium will affect the privileges Can use other non-life insurance to think besides property insurance, such as car insurance, group insurance)

3. Boiler Inspection Report

4. Building Safety Audit Report

The list of pre-defined privileges includes

1. Annual factory fee, full amount throughout the insurance period

2. Service fee for electrical safety certification according to factory law

3. Building Security Certification Fee

4. boiler hydrostatic test safety certification service fee

5. Machine Ownership Registration Fee

6. Industrial Product Certification Request Fee

7. Factory Extension Permit Fee

8. Landing page or website creation services for your business. to increase channels to reach customer sources

Promotional items are subject to the insurance premium paid and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

In case the customer is interested in joining this program after knowing the initial promotional offer. By making a memorandum between Saengthong Broker Company Limited and the insured and must proceed as follows

  1. The insured must submit a letter of appointment to Saengthong Broker Co., Ltd. to arrange insurance. by enclosing the certificate of juristic person and a copy of the authorized director's card with the company's seal stamped
  2. The insurance company will send a team to the insured place to do a pre-insurance survey report. (in case of changing the insured company or in case the insurance company requests additional information)
  3. Make an insurance offer for the insured to sign an insurance order. and pay for insurance by transferring to the account of Saengthong Broker Company Limited
Mechanical Insurance Property Insurance Building Insurance Property Insurance (IAR) Covers buildings excluding building foundations. Protects assets installed in the building. Protect the building system Machine protection, crane protection product protection Protection for warehouses, materials, raw materials, protection from fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hail, storm, underwater wave, tsunami, robbery/robbery Machine protection, flooding, Saengthong Broker A juristic person non-life insurance brokerage company with a very experienced team

What assets are protected?

Property Insurance (IAR) covers buildings excluding building foundations. Covers assets installed in buildings. Protect the building system Machine protection, crane protection, product protection Protection for warehouses, materials, raw materials, protection from fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hail, storm, underwater wave, tsunami, robbery/robbery Machine protection, flooding, Saengthong Broker Corporate non-life insurance brokerage company with a very experienced team insured property usually means building but not including the foundation and or property within the building that are intended for normal living, such as built-in furniture Or may be a home appliance that is not specified as an exception. But if the property is damaged from other causes, we have to go back and look at the coverage in the fire insurance policy again to see what causes the property is covered, the details of which are different for each policy. Not only property that can be insured by fire, there are also residential houses, factories, buildings, shops, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, indoor items such as furniture, tools, appliances, machines, stocks, etc.

give Saengthong property insurance broker to take care you

Properties excluded from insurance. (unless it is clearly stated in the policy)

  1. Goods in the custody of the insured as a custodian
  2. Bullion or silver or gold bars or gold ornaments or jewels
  3. Artifacts or objects for total damage exceeding 10,000 baht
  4. An original or copy of a plan, diagram, drawing, design, pattern, or type or die.
  5. Securities, Securities, Important Documents, Postage Stamps, Duty Stamps, Currency, Banknotes, Cheques, Passbooks or any business book
  6. Explosives, dynamos, transformers. generator electric motor electric control panel electronic device or other electrical appliances which has been damaged due to or because the operation is overloaded or received over current, overload or short circuit. including short circuit due to lightning Only the device that is damaged in such cases

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Thank you to all customers for their trust. You can contact us for promotions. More special insurance discounts at via LINE OFFICIAL Saengthong BROKER

With respect and concern

Saengthong Broker Company Limited

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Saengthong Broker has a team in the insurance industry with more than 20 years of experience. We want to serve customers closely and that service must be the best service for customers. It is a service that is pleasing and suitable for customers so much that customers want to spread the word to pass good things

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